Danner Laboratory provides fast, accurate, and cost effectiveness COVID-19 PCR Molecular testing. The technology we use and a team of experienced licensed scientists and laboratory technicians, makes us uniquely qualified to support the COVID-19 screening and testing needs of the communities we serve.

Highly Accurate PCR Molecular Testing

Danner Laboratories supports individuals, physicians, hospitals and other medical entities. Our experienced medical scientists and healthcare professionals utilize industry leading equipment including Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q to deliver real-time high-precision polymerase chain reaction (PCR),

Founded by Douglas E. Danner, CT(ASCP) 30 years ago, Danner Laboratory have built a reputation for being a trusted partner for laboratory testing and outsourcing in San Diego, USA. Danner Laboratory has recently expanded its operations to Vancouver, Canada; providing Covid-19 PCR testing services.

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For more information or to schedule a test in the U.S. call: 858-552-1508 or email service@dannerlaboratory.com